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Geistjager Guest Art

I'm very excited to be putting up this wonderful guest straitjacket art from contributor Geistjager. The good Mr. Geistjager was generous enough to send me a drawing one day recently. Then, every few days after, I would receive another email with another piece of great new straitjacket art attached. Well I've kept his work to myself long enough. Please enjoy! I particularly like the stuff inspired by the Max Cita straitjackets, and the inclusion of shiny hose. Please send any kind words about Geistjager's art to the site email address, and I'll be sure to pass them on.

ADDENDUM: 10-22-12: New piece of art added!

Check out my artwork below. This stuff is now pretty old. Some you may recognize from being published in some Harmony magazines from years ago (and if you do, you have a fantastic memory). Some of it is alright. Much of it stinks and is worth about how much you're paying for it. Hopefully I'll be able to do less and less stuff that stinks. That'd be swell for you and me both.

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